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He Zhenhua, Deputy Mayor of Zhumadian Municipal People's Government, and his delegation visited Topfond Pharmaceutical for research and guidance

  On July 8, 2019, He Zhenhua, Deputy Mayor of Zhumadian Municipal Government, with the heads of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Science and Technology, Bureau of Commerce, High-tech Zone and other relevant units visited Topfond Pharmaceutical for research and guidance, and research seminars were held in the conference room at the fourth branch of Topfond Pharmaceutical. Yan Yinzong, secretary of the Party Committee of Topfond Pharmaceutical, and Yang Ming, deputy general manager, accompanied this visit.   He Zhenhua and his delegation watched the development plan of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Zhumadian High-tech Industrial Development Zone, listened to the progress of the pharmaceutical industrial park project, and coordinated to solve the problems encountered in the project construction.   At the research seminars, He Zhenhua and his delegation listened to reports on the production and operation of Topfond Pharmaceutical, Houyi Group, Topfond Biological, Huazhong Zhengda and other enterprise. He Zhenhua said that, in the face of fierce market competition, the municipal biopharmaceutical industry must actively adjust production and operation ideas, actively promote technological progress, strengthen management, seize market opportunities, and minimize adverse factors in accordance with the actual situation of Zhumadian City to ensure the beneficial development of biomedical industry.

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