Social Responsibility

Supporting social public welfare activity to warm you and me.

No one can grow out of the group, and our company is the same. The public is the air and soil for the development of our company.The success of an enterprise is not only reflected in the economic benefits, but also reflected in the return to the society which to meet the needs of the country and people.Topfond Pharmaceutical has always carried out the corporate philosophy of "Honesty, Dedication, Innovation and Patriotism ", taking active participation in social public welfare activities, supporting and assisting social public welfare undertakings, and increasing the public interest as our own responsibility.

What we focus on when Topfond choose public welfare activities is not commercial returns or publicity value, but only hope that the public welfare undertakings such as Hope Project and environmental protection that we actively participate in can make certain contributions to the development of the society and the improvement of people's living quality.


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