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The postdoctoral research station of Topfond pharmaceutical company was established in June 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Personnel and the office of the national postdoctoral management committee.Topfond has set up a management leading group with the general manager as the group leader and the relevant leader as the deputy group leader.The leading group accepts the supervision and guidance of government departments, and strictly implements the national policies and regulations concerning postdoctoral research.Professional postdoctoral management office is located at human resources dept., which is responsible for postdoctoral introduction , check-in and check-out, and business contact with human resources office of henan province and government department, at the same time responsible for the company's internal communication and coordination with all departments.

In order to strengthen the standardized management of post-doctoral scientific research workstations and post-doctoral researchers, we have formulated a series of related management documents such as the "Regulations on the Management of Postdoctoral Research Stations of Topfond Pharmaceutical" and the "Supplementary Regulations on the Management of Postdoctoral Research Stations of Topfond Pharmaceuticals". The recruitment, assessment, daily funding, housing management, scientific research projects, rewards and punishments of researchers and other content have corresponding system specifications.

The main research directions of the postdoctoral workstation include: new drug development, antibiotic microbial fermentation and industrial production process research, chemical drug synthesis and industrial production process research.

Topfond Pharmaceutical pays attention to the introduction and recruitment of talents, and publishes recruitment announcements nationwide to attract young PhD talents in relevant majors into the station.

Topfond Pharmaceutical sincerely invites doctors to join us!


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