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Ten kinds of people are most prone to sudden death, teach you 6 signs before sudden death

  Although sudden death happened suddenly, there are actually traces to follow. People at high risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention to several abnormalities to prevent sudden death.   Interviewed experts:   Professor Yu Mengyue, Department of Cardiology, Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences   Young man has a cardiac arrest ten minutes after admission   At more than 3 pm last Friday, 33-year-old Mr. Wang from Hangzhou was working at his unit. He had a sudden chest pain that was unbearable after staying up all night and working overtime. Later, his colleagues sent him to the emergency department of the Municipal Intermediate Hospital.   According to Dr. Ye Yuanling, deputy chief physician of the Emergency Department of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recalled that Mr. Wang was quite normal when he came. We were doing an electrocardiogram and other tests on him, but a few minutes later, he suddenly lost consciousness and suffered a cardiac arrest!

You only know that you eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, but you don’t know that eating radish like this is healthy...

  As the saying goes, eating radish in winter and ginger in summer does not require doctors to prescribe. Radish is a food that everyone often eats, especially in winter, it is of great benefit to the body. However, eating radish is also particular about eating it incorrectly, the effect may be counterproductive.   get close to these   1. When eating hot pot, add some carrots   When eating hot pot, because there are so many things to eat, there are many meats in it. Therefore, it is best to add some radish in the soup, which will not only make the hot pot soup taste more delicious, but also avoid indigestion. The radish has a good effect of qi stagnation. The radish filled with gravy in the hot pot soup can also become a delicious medicine.   The so-called elimination of stagnation is to eliminate the stagnation of diet. If you eat too much, or if you experience indigestion symptoms such as abdominal pain and bloating after eating meat, don't rush to find medicine. Try to eat a few radishes first.   2. People with bloating and constipation, eat more carrots   People with stagnant diet (manifested as frequent bloating, obstructed stool, smelly fart, etc.) can often consume carrots to help digestion.   Studies have found that radish also contains amylase that can help digestion, as well as B vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium that can promote gastrointestinal motility, which can play a role in laxative, lipid-lowering and preventing gallstones and other diseases.   3, radish can reduce yellow phlegm and thick phlegm   Turnip itself has a good phlegm-resolving effect, which can make the phlegm thin and easy to cough up. It is generally believed that radish is cooler, so it is mainly used to clear and resolve hot phlegm (thick yellow phlegm). Usually cough and sputum are heavy, thick sputum is hard to cough, usually hot phlegm, eating some white radish at this time will help cough and expectoration.

Promote blood circulation, promote circulation? Can magnetic therapy really cure diseases?

  The source of this statement is probably:   The most important cells in human blood are red blood cells. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, and hemoglobin contains iron, which will be affected by the magnetic field, thereby improving (accelerating) blood circulation and benefiting health.   However, this statement only seems to make sense.   The iron element in hemoglobin is very small, and it is scattered in individual hemoglobin, rather than arranged in a "one piece" in the blood vessel.   Under this condition, the magnetic field intensity generated by ordinary magnetic therapy products can not attract red blood cells at all, so it can't talk about changing blood flow and promoting blood circulation.   Someone may ask, is the "magnetism" of magnetic therapy products not strong enough? Then let's take a look at the most common "super-magnetic products" nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI).   The unit to measure the magnetic field is "Tesla." The so-called magnetic therapy bed is about tens to hundreds of millitesla. A common 3 Tesla MRI has a magnetic field strength that is at least tens or even hundreds of times that of magnetic therapy products Times.   What is the level of this magnetic force? You can feel it:   However, the magnetic field of MRI is so strong that it has not been used by hospitals to "improve the blood circulation of patients", let alone those magnetic therapy products with weak magnetic force.
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