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R&D Strategy

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     Topfond Pharmaceutical makes full use of its mature research and development system to track and grasp the cutting-edge research and development and latest achievements of modern pharmaceutical technology, and constantly explore the ways to conquer diseases and research the potential demand of the pharmaceutical market.


     Topfond pharmaceutical technology development center consists of three research institutes(Materia Medica Institute, Biotechnology Institute, Topfond -- East China Joint Biotechnology Institute) and seven research labs (Chemistry Laboratory, Biochemical Synthesis Laboratory, Antibiotic Strain and Production Technology Laboratory, Genetic Engineering Laboratory, Fermentation Laboratory, Extraction Laboratory, Chinese Medicine Laboratory). And Topfond maintains a long-term close stable cooperative relations with the domestic famous scientific research institutes and colleges and universities.




     Topfond Pharmaceutical implements the operation mechanism of combining cooperative development with independent research, and carries out the "four 5" projects.That is, 5 new research projects are opened every year, 5 varieties are engaged in clinical research every year, 5 varieties are declared for production every year, and 5 varieties are approved for production every year, which ensure the development potential and sustainability of Topfond.



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